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We believe that a new model of consultancy is needed to revolutionise the landscape of sustainability projects and designs.



Colectivo creates a bridge from the idea to the impact, meaning sustainable actions will have greater influence and go further, without any risk of token gestures or greenwashing. We are confident that our disruptive, inclusive, strategy can help us say goodbye to unsustainable practices and hello to systemic change in the world of ESG. How about you? Are you ready to join Colectivo?

Laura McDermott, Colectivo, Meath_edited.png

Working with smart, creative, dedicated people to build solutions that change the world is a beautiful thing. We are on a mission to leverage our collective knowledge and skills to create real, tangible, disruptive change.

- Laura McDermott, Founder of Colectivo

Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2022

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