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We leverage collective expertise in technology and design to build bespoke projects with measurable impact. 

Colectivo specialises in projects that solve key environmental, social and governance challenges. By combining collective experience, a practical approach to design and a deep understanding of our partners and their strategy, our projects ensure long-term success. Key areas include:

Arts & Culture

Built Environment & Spaces

Community Building

Corporate Social Responsibility

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Learning & Development


Food Systems 

Financial Services

Social Enterprise


Green Transition

Colectivo, listed in the Green Service Providers Directory, provides tailored consultancy through the Climate Planning Fund, supporting Irish businesses in sustainable transitions and efficiency improvements

Masterclasses & Workshops

Every sector and industry is being disrupted by advanced technologies and sustainability challenges.

Most organisations will need to adapt their products, services and business models to be future-ready. To ensure nobody gets left behind in this shift, we need to boost the knowledge and skills of our people and ensure a "Just Transition". Investing in the knowledge and skills of our workers and communities is a critical activity that contributes the to sustainability of our businesses and societies.

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