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We leverage collective expertise in technology and design to build bespoke projects with measurable impact. 


Green Transition

Colectivo, listed in the Green Service Providers Directory, provides tailored consultancy through the Climate Planning Fund. Irish businesses can tap into this funding to develop sustainability strategies, action plans and training programmes. These services are also available to businesses outside of Ireland and without grants.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Every sector and industry is being disrupted by advanced technologies and sustainability challenges.

Most organisations will need to adapt their products, services and business models to be future-ready. To ensure nobody gets left behind in this shift, we need to boost the knowledge and skills of our people and ensure a "Just Transition". Investing in the knowledge and skills of our workers and communities is a critical activity that contributes to the sustainability of our businesses and societies.

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Design Sprints

We help our clients in the process of designing - or redesigning - their products and services, so that they are more planet-friendly and people-friendly.

Sustainabilty Roadmapping

We help our clients to design and adapt sustainability roadmaps that are aligned to business strategies, while having the potential to create long-term impact. 

Materiality/Impact assessments

We assist clients in assessing their ESG impact using a digital dashboard and co-designed materiality assessments for inclusive decision-making.

Corporate Transformation

We work with clients to design and implement transformation projects that focus on customer and employee engagement.

Stakeholder mapping

We support clients in navigating change by mapping key people and entities who impact - or are impacted by - sustainability efforts.

Impact Programmes

We help our clients to design and implement large-scale impact programmes that promote a Green, Social and Digital transition.


Vegetable Garden



Tailored for companies initiating their sustainability journey, our 4-step process ensures a seamless start toward positive social and environmental impact.



Tailored for companies who are already driving positive change and want to build momentum; our 4-step process accelerates your impact journey.



Tailored for companies advancing in their sustainability journey but want to expand their impact further, our 4-step process facilitates this expansion

Impact Areas

Food Waste Compost

Future of Food

Colectivo guides clients to redefine strategies for a sustainable Farm to Fork, shaping the future of food culture.

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Culture and Creativity

Colectivo crafts solutions to help Cultural and Creative Sectors transition to more sustainable models.

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Social Impact

Colectivo crafts solutions that drive meaningful engagement with workers, communities and customers.

Food Waste Compost

Future Skills

Colectivo crafts strategies that ensure a future-ready workforce for the evolving world of work.

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Colectivo and our partners design spaces that align with ecological and social best practices.

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Digital Transition

Colectivo tailors Digital Transition services, helping clients thrive in the digital age.

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Future of Energy

Colectivo and our partners support companies in their transition to lower energy consumption.

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